Potty Training Older Dogs


Some pet owners may find themselves wondering if potty training older dogs is really possible. If a pet that has long since been housetrained begins having accidents, one starts to wonder if potty training an older dog can be successful. Here, you will learn more about pets with newfound accident problems and if potty training an older dog is even necessary.

Potty Training Older Dogs: Health Problems

So your older dog has begun to have unexpected accidents in the house. But before you begin thinking about potty training older dogs, it’s important to determine if a health issue is behind these accidents.

Incontinence in older dogs has the same signs and symptoms as a seemingly disobedient dog. Incontinence in older dogs is a very common problem, especially in female dogs that have been spayed. Incontinence in older dogs is often easily confused for a lack of housetraining.

In addition, older dogs can also simply forget their potty training due to cognitive canine dysfunction. Simple changes in diet and gastrointestinal can also be the reason for these uncharacteristic accidents.

A flurry of other things could be behind these accidents, such as:

  • Medications
  • Anxiety
  • Surface Preference
  • Fear of Being Outside
  • Submissive Urination
  • Poor Initial Housetraining
  • Poor Weather Conditions

Before you decide that potty training an older dog is the right course of action, please visit a veterinarian.

Potty Training Older Dogs: Tips and Methods

Once all potential medical health problems have been ruled out by a professional, potty training an older dog becomes the only course of action. Luckily, potty training older dogs isn’t much different than training young puppies. The same methods and tips are advised for potty training older dogs.

Those who are potty training older dogs are advised to remain patient and emotionally in control. It’s important to get your older dog back on some sort of regimented eating and eliminating routine to minimize accidents. Those potty training older dogs should reward an obedient pet with praise and treats after the act is completed.

Remember, potty training older dogs can be successful if it’s done right. Consult your vet and eliminate all potential health issues before beginning to re-potty train your dog.

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