Excessive Thirst in Dogs


Just like with humans, polydipsia is defined as excessive thirst in dogs. While sometimes it may just be associated with the climate or conditions, excessive thirst in dogs could be symptomatic of a more serious underlining medical condition.

Excessive thirst in dogs can be the symptom of a disease and is not an actual disease itself. In some cases with a dog frequent urination will also occur. Also like with humans, frequent urination in dogs is also known as polyuria.

Reasons for Excessive Thirst in Dogs

Any number of things can cause excessive thirst in dogs. Things as simple as the heat or excessive activity can make your dog want to consume more water. Excessive thirst and frequent urination in dogs can also be tied to:

  • Kidney Problems/Infection
  • Urinary Tract Infection/Blockage
  • Uterine Infection
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Liver Problems
  • Electrolyte Imbalance
  • Cushing’s Disease

As you can see, it can be nearly impossible for a pet owner to determine the reason behind excessive thirst in dogs. Outside of an excessive thirst, your dog generally won’t behave any differently than normal.

Help for Excessive Thirst in Dogs

If you suspect there is any sort of problem with your pet, visit your local vet as soon as possible. Catching symptoms of excessive thirst in dogs early can help detect the underlying problem before it gets more severe. Attempting to treat the problem without first consulting a vet is highly unadvised. Trained professionals are available to help you deal with excessive thirst and frequent urination in dogs.

How is Excessive Thirst in Dogs Treated?

Your local vet will conduct a series of tests to attempt to determine the reason behind your dog’s newfound excessive thirst. Tests such as a complete blood count, X-ray and urinalysis will be performed in order to look for with the kidney, reproductive and adrenal systems.

Once the reason behind excessive thirst and dogs has been determined, the course of treatment will be administered. In most cases, dietary changes will be prescribed for dealing with excessive thirst and dog frequent urination. Medication and insulin shots are other forms of treatment for excessive thirst in dogs.

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