Dog Potty Training Tips

Many websites offer dog potty training tips, but how do you know which will work the best for your new pet? Searches for potty training tips for dogs can send you in all different directions and leave you more confused than before.
Below, you will find some of the best potty training dog tips available. They are dog potty training tips directly from experts designed to help the process be as painless (and clean) as possible.

Dog Potty Training Tips: Patience

Of all of the potty training tips for dogs, likely the most important is to stay patient. Housetraining your new pet can be frustrating, but every owner in the history of time has had to go through the process. With the right tips and methods, household accidents will be a thing of the past.

Dog Potty Training Tips: Consistency

Another critically important of the dog potty training tips is to establish consistency. By getting your pet on a potty routine, they will learn when it is and isn’t okay to go. Especially with younger dogs, a potty, feeding and playtime routine will help acclimate your new pet to their surroundings.

Dog Potty Training Tips: Familiarity

Finding a certain spot where your pet can go to the bathroom every time is another of the important potty training tips for dogs. A dog will become familiar with the spot and will learn what needs to be done once it arrives.

Dog Potty Training Tips: Praise

If your dog takes care of business outside the home as you had hoped, it’s important to shower them with verbal praise once the act has been completed. One of the potty training dog tips suggested by the Humane Society is to give them a treat immediately after they have gone so they will know what they are being rewarded for.

Dog Potty Training Tips: Frequency

One of the potty training dog tips that some many not think about is the frequency in which the dog will need to go out. According to the Humane Society, a young puppy should be taken out at least every TWO HOURS. In addition, it’s suggested that dogs be taken out after eating, drinking, waking up and during and after playing.

Dog Potty Training Tips: Diet and Schedule

Putting your pet on a regular feeding schedule is another of the lesser known potty training tips for dogs. If your dog eats at the same time every day, the hope is they will need to go outside at the same time every day.

Dog Potty Training Tips: Miscellaneous

Some of the other miscellaneous potty training dog tips include keeping the puppy in a small area when it is unable to be supervised, always use a leash or tether when taking your dog outside, and get the training process underway as soon as possible.

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