Dealing With Dog Urine


Dealing with cleaning dog urine around the house can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Whether it’s from a young puppy that is still learning to be housetrained, or an older dog battling mental or incontinence issues, most pet owners aren’t sure how to properly clean and remove the stain dog urine leaves behind. Here, you will learn about the best dog urine removal techniques and what works the best when it comes to cleaning dog urine.

Best Ways for Cleaning Dog Urine

So you’ve found a “present” from your dog in the home. Now, you find yourself wondering what the best way to clean it up is. How can you keep a stain from settling in? How can you get rid of the unpleasant odor associated with dog urine?

Well, the Humane Society of the United States suggests several ways to attack an accident. If you find an accident that is still fresh and wet, the Society recommends soaking up as much of the dog urine as possible with a combination of paper towels and newspaper. Once the majority of the urine is soaked up, rinse the area with water.

For stains that have already set in, the Humane Society recommends that owners consider renting a wet vacuum or extractor for removal. It’s also advised to use a high-quality carpet stain remover that can be purchased at any pet store.

It’s also highly-recommended to use a pet odor neutralizer when the area is clean. A pet is more apt to return to the area in which the accident occurred if a scent still lingers, which could potentially lead to more accidents.

Neutralizing the odor is one of the most important steps in dog urine removal. It’s not recommended to use steam cleaners or cleaning chemicals for stains that have already set in because they tend to lock in the scent of dog urine.

Dog Urine Removal Products

Products for cleaning dog urine can be purchased at any pet store and nearly any supermarket. These products can also be picked up through online outlets. Most stain and odor removers cost less than $10.00, but it’s important to research the effectiveness of these products before making a purchase. Some professional kits can cost upwards of $500.00 and are not necessary in all cases.

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