Blood in Dog Urine


Finding blood in dog urine can be an alarming and scary sight. Blood in dog urine can be caused by a variety or things, which will be explained below. If you find blood in dog urine, it’s important not to panic. Dog blood in urine is actually not an uncommon problem and there are plenty of resources at your disposal.

What Causes Blood in Dog Urine?

A number of things can cause blood in dog urine. The most common reason for finding blood in dogs urine is a urinary tract infection. Bacteria will infiltrate the bladder and urinary tract, and the inflamed tissues may cause blood in the urine.

Painful bladder stones can also create blockages, leading to the presence of urine in the blood. Clotting disorders, prostate and uterine infections, parasites, tick-transmitted Lyme disease, and cancerous and non-cancerous tumors can also cause blood in dog urine.

How to Treat Dog Blood in Urine

The underlying condition and its severity behind the blood in dog urine will determine the course of treatment. If you find blood in dog urine, VISIT A VET IMMEDIATELY. It is advised not to start any course of treatment without consulting your local vet.

The severity of your dog’s underlying condition will be determined through a variety of tests. If a clotting disorder is behind blood in dogs urine, you pet will likely be prescribed a blood thinner to manage the problem and get it under control.

When a urinary tract infection is present, antibiotics will be prescribed. A vet will also likely advise that dietary changes are made. The same course of treatment will likely apply if blood in dog urine is being caused by bladder or kidney stones.

Surgery may be required if the infections are major or the size of the stones is great. Alternative forms of treatment – such as acupuncture, homeopathy and Chinese medicine – for dog blood in urine are also available.

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